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Darul-Qadiriyya is the grand headquarter of Qadiriyyah Sufi movement in West Africa on the centre for Qadiriyyah of Africa. The great foundation follows the activities and provides all the operations of Sufism under the great umbrella of Qadiriyyah movement. The foundation was established by Maulana Sheik Muhammad Nasir Kabara in the year 1935. The centre is cited in the heart of the ancient city of Kano, in Nigeria. It contains the following bodies:

  • Permanent residence of Maulana Sheik Nasir Kabara
  • The great mosque of Jami’ul Bazul Ash-hab
  • The library it has a collection of greatest books of Islam and archives, original manuscript from the period and of caliphate, it bears the name of Sheik Nasir Kabara’s grand Father Mallam Umar Kabara.
  • Khanaqa: This is a separate student hostel, which hosts scholars especially for study.
  • Suffa: This is opened hall at the north side of the mosque. It’s a mini theatre dedicated to study and ibadat more especially during the hot weather. It is an imitation of the suffa of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) mosque at Madina.
  • Mumshadiyyah or Riyadussafa: it is another open space by the south-east of the mosque, where activities like the Ashafa congregation during the Holy month of Ramadan and other ibadat are held.

The Kabara Family background:
The root of the family is traced to Kabara a scholarly town in Timbuktu in Mali The immediate head of the family, sheikh Umar, popularly known as Malam Kabara settled in Kano in the late Eighteen century (C18th) His settlement in Kano was after years of Sufi life in deserts and bushes around the West African states.

Malam Kabara’s first assignment in Kano was the establishment of a School for imparting Arabic and Islamic Knowledge. His students were hailed from many parts of the region He was also identified by Sheikh Uthman bin Fodio and became active participant in the jihad (the holy war) led by the Sheikh. Upon his positive role in the political, religious and social life of the people around him, the Kano emirate dedicated to him the area they were occupying and named it after him.

Among grand children of Malam Kabara was Sheikh Nasiru Bn Muhammad Al-mukhtar who occupied a prominent position in terms of Scholarship and leadership of Sufism. He was the spiritual leader of Qadiriyya and all its branches in the African region. Sheikh Nasir maintained a strong link with major sources of Qadiriyyah worldwide, these include Baghdad, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya Tunisia, Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Makka and Medina.

His personal effort in promoting Islam in general and Qadiriyya in particular earned him great respect within Nigeria and abroad. He was crowning the (Sarkin Yakin Shehu Usman Dan Fodiyo) war Commander of the army of Sheikh Osman Dan Fodiyo) by Sultan of Sokoto Abubakar 3rd. He also wrote well over 200 treatise and books on Islamic philosophy, History and Arabic language.
One of the legendry legacies of Sheikh Nasir was this great scholar was succeeded by his son in Person of Sheikh Qaribullah after his death on Friday October 4th 1996.

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